2022/2023 tuition fees

We are committed to making a high-quality education as affordable as possible. Everything we do is built around the needs and ambitions of our students, and we have developed a fees structure that reflects the teaching and support costs of delivering a top-class educational experience.

As a student, you may not be personally responsible for paying your fees (it could be your parents, or a Government sponsor, for example) but you will need to know how much needs to be paid, what it is for, and how and when it needs to be paid.

Bachelor’s Degree Programmes 1 academic year 2 academic year 3 academic year 4 academic year
Ukrainian medium of instruction $ 1 800 $ 1 800 $ 1 800 $ 1 800
English medium of instruction $ 2 000 $ 2 200 $ 2 400 $ 2 600
Master’s Degree Programmes Total fees
Ukrainian medium of instruction $ 2 500
English medium of instruction $ 3 000
Preparatory Courses for Foreign Citizens Per academic year
Ukrainian medium of instruction $ 1 100
English medium of instruction $ 1 500
PhD Programmes 1 academic year 2 academic year 3 academic year 4 academic year
Ukrainian medium of instruction $ 2 600 $ 2 600 $ 2 600 $ 2 600

Budgeting tips

Students should ensure that they take all the necessary steps before the start of the academic year to ensure that their basic funding provision is in place.

Finances can sometimes take on a life of their own, but a few simple tips can help you stay in control of your finances, instead of letting your finances control you.

  • Work out how much you have to spend.
  • Calculate your costs – including fees, travel, food, learning resources and accommodation.
  • Carefully plan your weekly spending – it is important to allow yourself some money to enjoy yourself, but set yourself limits on how much you can realistically afford to spend each week on treats such as takeaways, nights out and shopping.
  • Keep tabs on your money – it only takes a couple of minutes to check your balance each day using your smartphone or tablet app.
  • Use your student perks – take full advantage of all the perks of being a student such as student discount in shops, restaurants and the cinema.
  • Be cash sensible – only put as much cash as you can realistically afford to spend into your wallet or purse when going for a night out and avoid temptation to lift extra from the cash machine.
  • Save for a rainy day – try to put a little aside each month to cover unexpected costs or to save up for travelling during the summer holidays.

Be in control of your own spending and finances to ensure you avoid worrying about it.