Ternopil is a student friendly town. Many areas cater for students, with student accommodation and student discounts offered at most places to eat and drink.

Residence Hall 1

13, Sheptytskoho Street
Tel: +380 352 253596

The main advantage of living here is that you are both close to campus and at the heart of town life. There are supermarkets and shops in the area, not to mention the university swimming pool nearby.  Renting private property can be more expensive, but you save on travel costs.

All residences have a warden who is responsible for residents’ welfare and discipline. Senior residents assist the warden with the smooth running of the residence and each take responsibility for the well-being of a particular group of residents.

Accommodation costs 

University accommodation $40-$50 per month
Room in the private sector $80-$100 per month
Other living costs
Food, books and social activities Approx. $50 per week (depending on your lifestyle)

The cost of living in Ternopil is much lower than in many other parts of Ukraine. Good value shops are close to our main campuses and local shops offer student-friendly prices.


Prices are very different depending on where you shop and what products you buy. Supermarkets often have ‘own-label’ brands which are cheaper than more recognised brands.

Living in self-catered accommodation

We realise that many of you may not have lived in self-catered accommodation at your home school and may not be interested in cooking for yourself – rest assured that if this is the case you will not go hungry!  There are catering facilities on campus and many restaurants and cafés in the local area.


Washing machines are available for residents’ use in the residence halls.

For additional resources and support contact your Resident Assistant, Residence Director or Dean’s Office.