Trust Robert

Speciality: Computer Science Class of 2012

Speciality: Information Control Systems and Technologies Class of 2013

"Studying abroad has been an incredible and exciting experience, and studying at Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University was an even more enriching experience. I really loved the picturesque city of Ternopil and with a huge student population both local and international, it provided a great learning environment. Both the academic and non-academic staff of TNTU are true professionals and always there for your best interest. With top notch facilities, you’re sure to come out ready for your industry."

Jahan Jannat Musrat

Speciality: Management Class of 2022

“In the very moment I received the university entrance exam result, I knew that my life turned
into a completely new chapter. Four years, that's not a long time but it's enough to help us realize
our strength, our weakness to become individuals we are today. Four years full of smiles and tears,
love and hate, glory and hardship. Four years full of the heat of the crowded classes and the cold of
homesickness in the snowy days.
So what have we accomplished in four years? You know, TNTU is considered as a small society. It
brings about many challenges as well as valuable experiences. It teaches us the world beyond
university will be another lesson in making adjustment, making and maintaining new relationship,
adapting to different demands, dealing with unexpected adversities. With the luggage TNTU has
provided us, now it's time for us to start our own journey into real life and make our university's
name more popular.”

Udeh Tochukwu Livinus

Speciality: Computer Science / Honours degree Class of 2014

Speciality: Information Management Systems and Technologies Class of 2015

“My Name is Udeh Tochukwu Livinus. I am a graduate of Computer Science (Class of 2014)
and Information Management Systems and Technologies (Class of 2015) from Ternopil Ivan Puluj
National Technical University (Ternopil, Ukraine). I completed my undergraduate program in 2014
as the best graduating student and earned a scholarship to study a Double Master’s Degree Program
at Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University and École internationale des sciences du
traitement de l’information (CyTech) in 2014/2015. At EISTI (Cergy, France), I studied Business
Analytics while at TNTU I studied Information Management Systems and Technologies; both
programs were done concurrently. It was very challenging but it was worth it. In France, I was
fortunate to meet professors who exposed me to various kinds of technologies used in modern
business practices and also worked with organizations that helped me fine-tune my skills. The skills
I honed from TNTU helped me scale through my research course. This exposure helped me develop
aptitude in the area of expertise I chose today as a BI Consultant and Data Analyst.
TNTU is a beautiful place to study. I was highly privileged to study under great professors who
truly left positive impact in my life. Their services are sacrificial, selfless and sincere. They truly
modeled my life and made me who I am today through their moral behaviors. Prof. Nataliya

Zagorodna was my Project Supervisor both Undergraduate and Masters. Prof. Natalia Marynenko
and Prof. Iryna Kramar helped me develop my skills on how to navigate through Business Projects.
Their footprints are forever engraved in the hallowed walls of history and boldly written in my life.
I enjoyed the moments I was with them and beyond. I am glad that they always responded to me
each time I called upon them even after I left the university. I am forever indebted to them. Even
though the process of studying at the University was a sweet-bitter experience, but their positive
vibe kept me going. I am very happy to say that Ternopil is my second Home.
Howbeit, I will not fail to state the benefits of double degree program especially to my very own
person. They are as follows:
1. Double degree program makes a student different in his professional career.
2. It grants students the needed capacity, creative thinking, broad and multidisciplinary
knowledge of the area he chooses.
3. The knowledge the student acquires enables him in his entrepreneurship journey.
4. It exposes the student to diverse kinds of technologies needed in the labor market.
5. Double degree provides the student with opportunities to meet new students, network and
learn from others cultures and ethics.
I am very excited that my double degree program gave me all these skills. I learned a lot of new
technologies and visited other countries to learn their education system. This exposure prepared me
with the requisite skills I needed to establish a company. Today, I am an employer of Labor and
have my own firm. My company is a registered firm under Allied and Matters of Constitution of the
Federal Republic of Nigeria. We offer the following services:

  • Business & IT Consulting Services;
  • Web & Mobile Applications (Software Development);
  • Tutoring Services;
  • Branding & Content Management;
  • Study Abroad Programs;
  • Software Testing & Hardware Maintenance;
  • Bookings & Business Supports.

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