Why choose us?

Dynamic, forward-thinking, safe, friendly, hospitable and supportive, Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University welcomes students from around the world. Here are just some of the reasons why we believe you should study with us:

The TNTU graduate

  • TNTU students graduate with real-world and career-oriented skills and attributes.
  • You’ll find TNTU graduates all around the globe, doing all kinds of jobs that keep the worlds of science, industry and business turning.

Programme options and tuition fees

  • TNTU offers a variety of degree programmes of the highest quality that can help you achieve your learning objectives.
  • We offer the opportunity to learn foreign languages which increases your cultural awareness and enhances your employment prospects.
  • Our tuition fees are very competitive with other Ukrainian universities and Ternopil is considered to be one of the most affordable places to live.

High quality teaching

  • Our faculty are committed to teaching.
  • Every aspect of our teaching addresses the intellectual and personal development of our students.
  • Many of our lecturers are highly respected academics who author books, conduct ground-breaking research and share their knowledge at conferences globally. Others know what the world of business wants and advise organisations of all types.
  • Whichever degree programme you choose, we have a wealth of expertise – all of which is available to you.

Student support

  • Each member of our community is committed to the creation of a harmonious climate.
  • You may be thousands of miles away from home but you will be among friends who understand your concerns and are dedicated to helping you realise your full potential and to enhance your personal development.

Great location 

  • Ternopil is a good base from which to explore Ukraine and Europe.
  • Ternopil offers everything from professional theatre and disco clubs, cultural events and sporting facilities to the popular Saturday morning farmers’ market.
  • On or off campus, you’re sure to have a great time.

Low cost of living

  • Ternopil is cheaper than many other parts of Ukraine, both for accommodation, living costs and social activities, so your money will go further.
  • Good value shops are close to our main campuses and local shops offer student-friendly prices.

Information for parents

The majority of students find studying at TNTU and living in Ternopil a valuable and enjoyable educational and cultural experience. We endeavour to give all of our students – the leaders of tomorrow – the best possible higher education and preparation for their chosen careers. For more information or advice contact Center for International Education.