Scientific field Development of methods of forecasting and increasing of restraining ability and durability of structural elements
Representatives Sc.D., Prof. Yasniy Petro Volodymyrovych

Participation in scientific and research work Impact of structural and technological and operational factors on durability of structural elements of power of transport airplane wing with functional apertures. State registration number: 0113U000249 0113U001855.

Evaluation of bearing capacity and residual durability of spatial elements of structures taking into account acquired damage. State registration number: 0115U002447 0115U000331

Development of methods for calculation of operational influences and monitoring of durability of elements of carrier rocket construction during transportation by airplane. State registration number: 0115U002448

Development of methods of prediction of durability of alloys with the effect of memory shape on variable load amplitude. State registration number ї: 0117U002244

International Scientific Projects

Properties of heat-affected zone of welded joints of creep-resistant modern steels.

(State registration number 0111U005483, project coordinator: Sc.D, Prof. Yasniy P.V). Project carried out according to Ukrainian-Slovenian cooperation program.

Properties of heat-affected zone of welded joints of creep-resistant modern steels.

 (Ukrainian-Slovenian project) (State registration number 0112U005148, project coordinator: Sc.D, Prof. Yasniy P.V.). Actual financing budget for entire period 35 000 UAH, specifically 35 000 UAH for year 2012.

Deformation of fault-block environments with allowance for multiple cracking zones

Structural scientific departments Scientific research laboratory of «Structural fracture mechanics»

Research Laboratory of Building Materials, Products and Structures


Scientific field Technical diagnostics of materials and structures
Representatives Sc.D., Prof. Marushchak Pavlo Oretovych

Participation in scientific and research work Diagnostic parametres and mechanical aspects of forming a mesoscopic deformation relief on surface of exploited steels.. State registration number: 0116U006908

Development of a new method for technical diagnostics of the state of welded seams of gas-main pipelines on the basis of statistical analysis of their structural heterogeneity.

 State registration number: 0117U002245

Investigation of regularities of cracking and material wear of metallurgical equipment (International scientific project) State registration number. 0115U004874


Scientific field Critical evaluation of the strength and prediction of the operational life of the holding structures of agricultural machines
Representatives Sc.D., Assoc. Prof.  Popovych Pavlo Vasyliovych

Participation in scientific and research work Development of the method of prediction and improvement of corrosion-fatigue durability of fertilizer spreader systems of the «РТД» type. State registration number: 0115U002451


Scientific field Development of antenna systems for satellite communication and control
Representatives Sc.D., Prof. Palamar Mykhaylo Ivanovych

Participation in scientific and research work Development of microelectronic means for collecting and processing of measurement data for control of parameters of aquatic environment State registration number: 0114U004313 0114U002995

Synthesis of new constructions and controls for antenna communication stations with low-orbit satellites of Earth remote sensing. State registration number: 0116U004743

Structural scientific departments Scientific research laboratory of «Information Technologies and Intelligent Systems»  


Scientific field  
Representatives Sc.D., Prof. Petryk Mykhaylo Romanovych

Participation in scientific and research work Functional identification of gas diffusion parameters in catalytic environments of micro- and mesoporous structure particles. State registration number: 0113U000251

Modeling of heat and mass transfer and hydrocarbons adsorption in nanoporous zeolite catalysts of exhaust gas neutralization systems. State registration number: 0116U004744

Structural scientific departments Laboratory of mathematical modeling and mass transfer research in heterogeneous and nanoporous environments


Scientific field Methods and means of detection of pathological states for systems of medical control of a functional state of the human body
Representatives Sc.D., Prof. Yavorskyi Bohdan Ivanovych

  Sc.D., Prof. Tkachuk Roman Andriiovych

Participation in scientific and research work Investigation and development of methods of constructing software and hardware of expert systems for diagnosing the state of the cardiovascular system. State registration number: 0112U002206

Development of theoretical foundations and experimental investigations on detection, identification, and determination of the level of human neurotoxication by electroretonography.State registration number 0111U002593.

Development of methods of identification and verification of mathematical models of signals in the construction of medical monitoring and diagnostic systems. State registration number 0108U001110.

Structural scientific departments Department of Medical Apparatus Building of TNTU Faculty of Control and Measurement and Radio-Computer Systems, Department of Biotechnical Systems


Scientific field Development of energy-efficient agricultural and transporting machines and complexes and energy-saving technological methods for improving their parameters.
Representatives Sc.D., Prof. Rohatynskii Roman Mykhailovych

  Sc.D., Prof. Hevko Bohdan Matviyovych

  Sc.D., Assoc.Prof. Liashuk Oleh Leoniyovych

  Sc.D., Prof. Pylypets Mykhailo Ilkovych

  Sc.D., Assoc.Prof. Vasylkiv Vasyl Vasyliovych

Participation in scientific and research work System modeling and synthesis of machines and devices for bulk cargoes transportation and technological processing State registration number: 0114U001307

Substantiation of the technology of production of feed and fuel blocks from plant raw materials and sapropel with the development of technological equipment State registration number: 0115U002449

Synthesis of propeller transport-technological mechanisms with advanced technological capabilities on the basis of CAD “Screw Conveyor” State registration number: 0115U002450

Modeling, synthesis and development of energy-efficient transportation and reloading systems for bulk cargoes technological processing. State registration number: 0117U002246

Structural scientific departments Scientific research laboratory of «Synthesis of technological innovations in mechanical engineering»