Since 2007 365 students of TNTU have participated in internship program at the company “Ustronianka”. Being the owner of some of the best-equipped bottling facilities in Poland, Ustronianka successfully increases its market share year by year, offering the highest quality innovative products. As a result of close cooperation between the University and the company, in February 2010 a joint laboratory of computer systems and networks was opened where students study the basics of programming, computer science, and automation of technological processes, in particular, automation in the food industry.

Target audience: 2nd and 3rd year students.  The program allows the sparticipants to get acquainted with modern automated production and to gain experience working with machines for the production of plastic containers, bottling and packaging of food products. Before the internship program students learn Polish for specific purposes. For the length of the internship program students are provided with free accommodation.

Application dates and deadlines: 01 September – 01 November.

Documents required for participation:

  • a filled application with the signature of the dean of the faculty;
  • a copy of an international passport;
  • a copy of a student ID card.

To get more information about Internship Programs, or with any questions or concerns please contact university’s International Relationship Department (IRD) r.44, building 2, Ruska 56 street,  or call at tel. 529729.