The German Farmers’ Assossiation is funded by the Federal Ministry for Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture of Germany.

The program length is 4 months:

  • Five-day training at a agricultural institution so that participants could get the general idea of agriculture in Germany and in the European Union, as well as of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of animal husbandry and crop farming.
  • four-day training at the agricultural school “DOYLA” on the rational use of agricultural machinery. As part of the training course, the program participants will also get acquainted with their mentors and will receive one-day training on intercultural issues. Active participation in training courses is required for all interns regardless of their specialization and experience.
  • placement in agricultural enterprises. Most of the interns will be placed on family farms that deal with both animal husbandry and crop farming. Participants will live and work together with family members to study the structure and organization of a German family-owned agricultural enterprise. During the placement personal interests and specialization of interns will be taken into account. However, given the difference in the structure of agricultural enterprises in the countries of Eastern Europe and Germany, interns must be ready to work and study in areas that are not well known to them in the field of agricultural production.

Upon completion of the internship program in Germany the participants are required to prepare a report.

During the internship at the enterprises German Farmers’ Assosiation will hold three additional one-day seminars. The program of seminars includes visiting agricultural processing enterprises, organizations dealing with sales (realization) of agricultural production, companies-producers of agricultural machinery, etc., and a cultural program.

German Farmers’ Assosiation guarantees interns an intensive mentoring in Germany.

Requirements for program participantion:

  • a filled application with the signature of the dean of the faculty;
  • a copy of a valid international passport;
  • work experience in agricultural and be prepared for practical work at a German enterprise;
  • a good basic knowledge of the German language;
  • a driving license to drive a car and a tractor.

To get more information about Internship Programs, or with any questions or concerns please contact university’s International Relationship Department (IRD) r.44, building 2, Ruska 56 street,  or call at tel. 529729.