Advertisement for Erasmus+ academic mobility for students

Application submission has started for students participation in the academic mobility under the double degree program and the Erasmus + program, implemented jointly with:

  • Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
  • Gabrovo Technical University (Bulgaria)
  • University of Valencia (Spain)
  • Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania)
  • Lublin University of Technology (Poland)

The period of the mobility – autumn semester 2021/2022 academic year. The period that will be financed is 4-5 months of stay. The stays are financed with 850 euros for each full month. Student will also receive a fixed sum established by the Erasmus programme according to the distance between the two countries to help cover the travel expenses.

The selection of participants will be carried out on the terms of the competition.

Requirements for candidates and selection criteria in the framework of credit mobility projects of the ERASMUS + program (KA1)A student who applies to participate in an exchange program with a higher partner within the credit mobility of the EU program “ERASMUS +” (KA1) must submit the following documents to the Department of International Cooperation in electronic form (

1. Application form (Student Application Form).

2. Resume / CV (Europass format).

3. Photocopy of the first page of the passport.

4. Certificate from the dean’s office on the average grade point or a copy of the diploma supplement from the college.For the entire period of study, the average grade point must be at least 75 points on the rating (a component of academic success), taking into account the results of all forms of semester control. The average grade point is set by the dean’s office employee and signed by the deputy dean for international cooperation;

5. Confirmation of achievements in scientific and research activities (publications, conferences, patents and competitions / contests). Confirmation of such activity is the submission of a copy of the first page of the professional publication, a copy of the page with the content (the name of the student with the specified topic of publication must be emphasized).

6. Motivation letter in English.

7. To take a test at the Center for Foreign Languages of ​​TNTU to confirm the level of language training or provide a certificate confirming knowledge of a foreign language.A copy of the certificate confirming knowledge of a foreign language not lower than level B1 is accepted, upon presentation of the original. The selection of students nominated for participation in the mobility program will be carried out by the commission according to the following criteria:

• academic success (40%);

• knowledge of the language (30%);

• scientific activity / social activity / (20%);

• motivation (10%).

Note 1. Students of the first year of study at the first level of higher education may not participate in the competition.

Note 2. If two students scored the same number of competitive points, the preference is given to the student with the highest average score. The second criterion is language competence.

Note 3. Preference will be given to students who have not yet participated in the EU ERASMUS + Credit Mobility Exchange Program (KA1).Candidates who will be given a positive decision on participation in academic mobility based on the results of the selection must fill in a set of documents, including the application form and the Learning Agreement. Forms of documents will be sent to the candidates-winners of the competition. 


Registration at International Cooperation Office and submission of the documents 30.04.2021
To take a test at the Center for Foreign Languages of ​​TNTU(distance test)  (date and time will be confirmed)
The results of the selection procedure 31.05.2021

The rules of the student mobility of TNTU: