The recruitment for the double degree diploma program in Lublin University of Technology (Poland) is announced!

To the attention of the master’s students (5th year)!

The recruitment for the double degree diploma program in Lublin University of Technology (Poland) is announced!

We invite 5th year master’s students to participate in the double degree diploma program. The program provides studying in two institutions of higher education – TNTU and the Polish University. Upon completion of the study, the student has the opportunity to receive two diplomas – a diploma of TNTU and the Lublin University of Technology.

Electronic registration will begin on April 22, 2021.

Studying is carried out on a paid basis.

For more information, please contact the International Cooperation Office of TNTU, room -30, building -2, Ruska Str., 56, tel. 51-97-29,   e-mail:

Registration for participation in the program on the website of Lublin University of Technology (the site is available during the admission campaign): in the category “Registration — step by step”. All of the following questionnaires and statements will generate a system for each candidate after he/she registers electronically.

List of documents:

All documents required for the admission to the university and will be available for printing after the registration on the website (the site is available during the admission campaign).

  1. Personal profile — Annex 1;
  2. Photocopy of the school certificate of complete general secondary education + supplement to it;
  3. Bachelor’s diploma + supplement to it – which are attested by the Apostille (more details on the website ) with translation into Polish and notarized in Ukraine) – Annex 2;
  4. Request to the Rector for admission – Annex 3;
  5. Application about the degree of knowledge of Polish language together with a certificate or other document confirming the level of knowledge of the Polish language, best to the level of A2, B1, B2 — Annex 4;
  6. Request to the Rector to reduce tuition fees – Annex 5 (the request must be well motivated);
  7. Application for a place in a dormitory – Annex 6;
  8. Application for admission to the obligatory intensive Polish language course held at the Lublin University of Technology on September 2-27, 2019 – Annex 7;
  9. Instructions for the person who will dispose of the documents –Annex 8 (if you do not submit documents not personally);
  10. Receipt for the registration payment of 85 PLN — Annex 9;
  11. 2 actual photos measuring 3.5 by 4.5 mm (as in Polish documents – 70-80% face, full face) — Annex 10;
  12. Scanned passport page with personal data and photo — Annex 11;
  13. Certificate of family composition with translation into Polish — Annex 12;
  14. Parents income certificate with translation into Polish — Annex 13;
  15. Medical certificate on the absence of contraindications for studying with translation into Polish or do it according to our sample – on our bilingual form which is in the appendix – annex 14 (further: the sample of the medical certificate with translation into Polish);


Letter of referral from a Ukrainian university to study in Lublin University of Technology with translation into Polish;

List of disciplines studied at the Ukrainian university – academic

certificate with translation into Polish;